Protein Feed 20%

Doug Roberts has raised some of the largest typical whitetail deer in North America. That didn’t happen overnight. After years of studying deer on his farm, Doug developed a year-round feeding program for the entire herd that maximizes genetic potential for bigger, better antlers. Now, for the first time ever, that program is finally available.

Our Protein Feed Mix uses 20% Protein with a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins and nutrients that supply the energy needed to not just survive…but thrive. High quality ingredients make for a 100% digestible intake and a perfect ratio of protein, vitamins, and minerals; including Humic Acid (which can help combat CWD), ensures a lifetime of optimal herd health, ideal weight, and larger antlers.

The complete feeding program created, used, and endorsed by ConQuest™ Scents founder, Doug “The Dear Professor” Roberts.