Mass Builder Mineral Pack

Mass Builder Mineral is a well-balanced and complete mineral pack that is designed to promote overall health, reproduction, and antler growth. It is a unique product that offers both attraction and nutrition and is a perfect blend of concentrated minerals to give a whitetail deer what they need to intake in a 24 hour span. We’ve taken the minerals from our complete feed and added more;

  • Vitamin A to support eye health
  • Vitamin E and Selenium to promote a strong immune system and reproductive health
  • Balanced Calcium/Phosphorous ratio for maximum Antler growth and skeletal development
  • Humic Acid to help combat CWD
  • Sweet Apple flavor for attraction and a sweetener that is 100 times sweeter than sugar
  • And we put what we could in proteinated form – the form of greatest digestibility

Mass Builder Mineral has the lowest content of salt and the highest content of goods that a deer needs. Many mineral packs on the market are comprised of mainly salt….you don’t need to pay us for salt. The hunter can use this mineral on an existing site and add no salt or you can start a new site and add the amount of salt you would like to get it going. Keep in mind you are adding the salt to use as a vehicle to drive the deer to the site more often.