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The simple answer is that maximum antler potential begins with total herd health. When the entire herd is fed well and continuously, you get a bigger payoff. Obviously bucks need nutrition to grow bigger racks but doesn't it make sense that a well-fed doe will produce better quality milk, which means her young have an advantage from the beginning?

Feeding the herd throughout the year makes sense when you understand that antler growth can only happen if all basic nutritional requirements are met first. Think about it: If a buck is struggling to survive, any food he gets will be used to keep him alive. At that point antler growth is simply not an evolutionary priority. Supplying the herd with a high quality, year-round feeding program like Herd Evolution® fills in the gaps by fulfilling the nutritional requirements needed so the herd not only survives…but THRIVES.

The great thing about the Herd Evolution® feeding program is that you can start at any point. The important thing is; THAT YOU START. As soon as a year-round feeding program is introduced, you immediately begin providing the herd with the nutritional requirements needed for optimal health. Once a full cycle of the feeding program is implemented, the herd moves from merely surviving to thriving and you have a greater chance for achieving maximum antler potential.

After studying whitetail deer in their natural habitat for more than 20 years, we've learned that they have different nutritional requirements throughout the year.

The Spring/Summer mix was created with a higher protein (20%) mix with a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins, nutrients, fat, and crude fat for maximum growth when less energy is required to thrive.

The Fall/Winter mix was created with a lower protein content (14%) with a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins, nutrients, fat and crude fat that supply the energy needed to not just survive but thrive in harsh weather.

For the best results, put fresh, dry feed through a gravity feeder in and around your hunting areas. Other methods include scattering feed in areas where deer and known to travel and bed or use a sling feeder.

Keep the food sealed and store in a cool, dry space. Dispose of any feed that has visible mold.

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